City & Community, Together for All A Formative Evaluation of Needs, Resources, & Readiness to Serve Immigrants, Refugees, and English-Language-Learners in Albuquerque

Jul 31, 2017 | by
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Formative Analysis of Resources, Needs & Capacity to Improve – Accurate study of trends and needs among foreign-born populations can be as difficult as providing accessible essential services to these individuals in this era of political marginalization of foreign-born US residents (MPI, 2017). Personal interviews of stigmatized groups can compromise their safety and privacy, so our analysis centered-on interviews with public service representatives, instead, from eight internal CABQ Departments and sixteen Community-Based Organization (CBO) workers to determine content for two surveys – one to each group of leaders. Survey responses were gathered over three-weeks from forty-six (46) CABQ mid- to senior-level managers across sixteen (16) departments, and seventy-two (72) CBO workers/volunteers (in English and Spanish) across thirty-eight (38) community-based organizations. The CBO survey was delivered via "snowball sampling" (ie. Respondents were asked to pass it along to their peers in the metro area). Existing local public data was reviewed to better understand the individual needs of our City's foreign-born and LEP residents.Recommendations based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the two surveys follows, along with slidedeck displays of existing and summary data to inform and plan better programs, policies, practices, and partnerships.