Citizenship, Interculturality and Dialogue : European Guide

Jun 01, 2009
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This guide is the result of the work carried out in the framework of the CID (Citizenship, Interculturality, Dialogue) project, co-funded by the Community Action Programme "Europe for Citizens" and more specifically by the Measure 3 of the Action 2 supporting joint concrete projects between civil society organisations from different EU Member countries acting at the regional, national or European level.This work does not intend to bring exhaustive information on the concept and practices of intercultural dialogue in the different EU Member States. It reflects the experience of the citizens (partners and participants to the consultations together) involved in the project and is based on the conclusions drawn by the consultations, which took place between September 2008 and June 2009 in five countries.In Belgium, Spain, France, Romania and the United-Kingdom, foundations and associations working at the local and national levels created free meeting spaces in order to invite citizens of their territory to bring their point of view and to debate on some matters such as discrimination, deconstruction of prejudice, intercultural exchange, lack of knowledge on the Other, relations majority/ minority, natives/ foreign-born …

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