Circular Procurement: The First Step in a Series….

Apr 01, 2016
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The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment proudly hosted the first International Congress on Circular Procurement in Amsterdam on 20-22 April 2016. Attended by 120 experts from over 23 countries around the world, the Congress aims were to profile examples of Circular Procurement, to share experiences and to discuss how Procurement could be used as a powerful tool to deliver more circular economies.The Congress did not seek to define Circular Procurement but described it as the use of procurement as a mechanism to stimulate the circular economy by fulfilling the need for goods and services in a more circular, resource efficient way, by closing the loops of products, their components and the resources used as far as possible. Circular procurement therefore acts as a driver to help develop the circular economy by creating a demand for circular products. Collaboration, especially with the market, is an essential element in finding the best possible circular option available at the current time.