Circular Economy Case Study: Toronto Tool Library

May 07, 2015
  • Description

Founded on a disruptive vision to transform consumption in society, the Toronto Tool Library is a non-profit social enterprise that lends specialized tools to community members. The Tool Library's members borrow tools in the same way they would borrow a library book. The Tool Library has over 3,000 tools available for loan including home repair, construction and renovation, gardening and landscaping, and bicycle repair tools. The tools range from simple screw drivers and drills, to table saws, welding equipment, power generators. Four3-D printers and a laser cutter are available for use onsite. It took less than a year for the Tool Library to move from an idea to its grand opening.The library is a money- and space-saving alternative to ownership. Tool sharing reduces consumption and waste. The philosophy of the library – and what sets it apart as a social enterprise – is that it is not trying to maximize profit but trying to maximize membership and access.