Chit Chat Implementation Guide: An Early Intervention Speech and Language Therapy Model

Jan 01, 2016 | by
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This Implementation Guide will give an introduction to implementation and the science or theory behind it, and will specifically describe the implementation of Chit Chat: CDI's Early Intervention Speech and Language Therapy Model. It will explain the steps necessary to set up and implement the model and what is required in terms of on-going support to ensure effective service delivery. There are of course various models of Speech and Language (S&L) service delivery, however, this document is based on CDI's approach and experience. CDI's Quality Services, Better Outcomes Workbook acts as a companion to this Guide, informing all stages in the process of ensuring quality service provision.

The Guide is presented in six sections, with accompanying appendices, as follows:

  • This Introduction provides an overview of the Childhood Development Initiative (CDI) and Chit Chat and then goes on to discuss implementation, how to use this Guide and logic modeling.
  • Section 1 provides an overview of Chit Chat. It goes on to outline the steps to be taken in exploring and preparing for the introduction of the service by discussing community readiness, he identification of key stakeholders, the development of promotional materials, and the partnership approach..
  • Section 2 looks at what is involved in planning and resourcing Chit Chat, including the structures to support delivery; budget; identifying appropriate staff and completing the recruitment process; and putting in place the necessary resources.
  • Section 3 is about implementing and operationalising the service. It discusses the delivery of the service along with monitoring and quality supports.
  • Section 4 concerns 'business as usual' and discusses consolidation and what it ill take to ensure that the service is sustainable.
  • Section 5 concludes the Guide with a list of things to consider to keep your model of S&L delivery running smoothly, and to maximise its' sustainability.