Children In The Fields: The Stories You Should Know

Jan 01, 2019
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Child labor in the U.S. is all but invisible, and very few people are rushing to correct that misconception. This is because it's in many people's interests to keep child labor hidden. It's in the employer's interest, because it keeps farmworker wages depressed; it's in the consumer's interest, because it keeps grocery costs down; and it's in the parents' interest, because 'many hands make light work.' (Since it is legal, parents take their children to the fields to make sure the most money is earned.) When children labor in the shadows, they carry these burdens of low wages, low costs, and higher pay on their own shoulders.

That's why Children in the Fields Campaign (CIFC) is bringing farmworker children out of the shadows and into the light by publishing this report. Throughout this publication, farmworker children tell us, in their own words, when they started working, what they are harvesting, and how they are feeling.