Centering Equity through Flexible, Reliable Funding

May 25, 2022
  • Description

EO regularly makes the case for flexible, reliable funding to its members and to the broader philanthropic sector, yet GEO has not published a full-length guide on the topic since 2009. With this guide, GEO seeks to reassert the value of flexible, reliable funding with an updated analysis and set of examples to illustrate how a commitment to flexible, reliable funding can support the sector to be more equitable and community driven in its practice. Based on an extensive literature review and landscape scan, as well as interviews with 24 field leaders representing both philanthropic and nonprofit organizations, this report is intended both for grantmakers who are beginning to integrate flexible, reliable funding into their grantmaking approach and for those who seek to deepen and expand their practice.

The report begins with a discussion of why equity and community-driven practice are so vital to our work, followed by an exploration of how flexible, reliable funding contributes to grantmaker and nonprofit effectiveness by strengthening the capacity of nonprofits and catalyzing resilience and longer-term change while centering equitable and inclusive practices. The report concludes with a set of reflection questions and action steps to help grantmakers look critically at their current practices and integrate more flexible, reliable funding into grantmaking portfolios.