Census 2020 State Landscape Scan

Jan 01, 2019
  • Description

In November of 2018, The Democracy Funders Collaborative Census Subgroup hired Grassroots Solutions to conduct a rapid Census 2020 landscape scan. The purpose of the high-level scan was to learn more about the role philanthropy is playing in census in six states: Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Washington. The states were selected to provide geographic diversity among those in which philanthropy was already active and offered differing approaches. Since launching this project, there have been newer philanthropic efforts, including in the South.

Based on the information gleaned in the scan, Grassroots Solutions developed the case examples in this document that are intended to help more philanthropic organizations engage in census work to ensure a fair and accurate count. We hope that they can serve as inspiration, information, and possible models for funders and other stakeholders to consider in their own state. Grassroots Solutions conducted these scans primarily through one-on-one interviews followed by in-state reviews and follow-up research. The names of the interviewees and reviewers are at the end of each State Snapshot.