Case Study: Pan-Mass Challenge

Feb 25, 2015
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The Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC), a nonprofit organization based in Needham, Mass., is the nation's original fundraising bike-a-thon, and today raises more money for charity than any other single athletic fundraising event in the country. As donors increasingly turned to online giving, PMC began offering credit cards as a payment option and this is now the most common tool for making donations. However, PMC also recognized that card processing fees were reducing the amount of each donation it received. Identifying an opportunity to both reduce transaction fees and tap the growing number of donors with donor-advised funds, PMC launched the DAF Direct application in 2013 (which appears as an option when donors choose their giving method) to enable DAF donors to conveniently support individual riders directly from their DAF. Unlike credit card donations, DAF grants are not subject to a processing fee, which means 100 percent of the grant go to the charity.