Cargill Global Scholars Program Key Findings 2015

Jan 01, 2015
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Goal 1

Scholars have demonstrated academic and leadership potential by sustaining a high Cargill GPA requirement. As evidenced by pre- and post- analyses, scholars from both cohorts have significantly improved their Strategic Thinking, Context and Communication skills.

Goal 2

Scholars have developed a professional network within and outside Cargill. Most C1 and C2 scholars (76%) communicated with other scholars in their country at least once a month. 50% of C1 and C2 scholars speak with their mentor at least once a month.

Goal 3

Almost all (97%) of C1 and C2 scholars were engaged in unpaid volunteer activities this past year. At least 58% of them had a leadership role in their volunteer activities.

Goal 4

At least 96% of C1 and C2 scholars indicated that they learned about Cargill's organizational values as a result of the program. Scholars learned most about Cargill's brand and Cargill's leadership principles.