Careers in Early Childhood: A North Carolina Directory

Jun 11, 2015
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This directory was created to introduce you to the variety of careers in the early childhood field. As larger numbers of children live in families where all parents work, more early childhood professionals are needed to educate and care for these children. Families also need people to help them find the right early care and education program and assistance paying for it. In addition, our society has become more concerned about how this experience affects young children and what quality early care and education really means. These concerns have led to an increase in resources to support improving the quality of programs for young children and have simultaneously increased employment opportunities. Today, we need more researchers to find out what produces quality child care programs; we need more professional development specialists and technical assistance consultants to help early childhood programs and partners use the information researchers have found; we need more facility regulators to make sure child care, Head Start and Pre-K programs are meeting the requirements for quality; and we need more administrators to help the workforce meet the needs of increasingly diverse children and families.