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People are the wealth of an organisation. To thrive, employees need well-being and appreciation. While salary is a crucial part of valorisation, many other aspects of valorisation at work are not linked with financial compensation. Working for a cause that makes sense, Capacity Building, and support in Leadership, Organisational Development and/or Networking are non-financial compensation ways that should be promoted to allow NGO workers to thrive at work… and ultimately to have more impact.

But all these tools are investments and should be funded. At MAVA, we believe our engagement includes taking care of the partner organisations we work with, by providing them the means to take care of their staff.

'Care those who care the planet: Grant making for staff development' is a publication by MAVA. In this paper, we explore the ways of supporting staff development as part of grant-making and how full staff costs of NGOs could be included in budgets and funding. As employees of a donor, we encourage funders to embrace the importance of staff valorisation and caring for those who care for the planet.