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The Camden County Highway Plan was prepared as an element to the update of the overall Camden County Master Plan. The Highway Plan sets the direction for highway infrastructure -- and particularly its own county route network -- to keep pace with changes expected by 2040. The Master Plan provides the authority for managing the change that will come. Seven significant physical/operational mobility improvement projects, totaling $78 million, were identified along the county route network as specific recommendations to the overall county Master Plan. Of these -- the proposed county-wide interconnected and coordinated traffic signal system ($30 million) is the smartest and farthest reaching. The project was conducted alongside the development of the Land Use Plan element and integrated findings from the Bicycling & Multi-Use Trails Plan and Farmland Preservation Plan elements. The project also delivered a linked GIS-asset management database including updated inventories of county roads, bridges, and traffic signals, and relevant outputs from the planning study.