California FreshWorks: A Case Study Examining the Development and Implementation of FreshWorks

May 01, 2016
  • Description

TCE commissioned a two-year evaluation of FreshWorks to better understand the impact of the program on fresh food access, as well as social and economic outcomes. The evaluation also sought to document the development and implementation of FreshWorks while identifying key lessons and insights. Given that FreshWorks is an early example of a state-level healthy food financing initiative, the evaluation offers an opportunity to inform the broader healthy food movement going forward.

This case study focuses on the development and implementation of FreshWorks, as well as key challenges encountered and lessons learned during the program's first years of operation. The evaluation team conducted interviews with FreshWorks investors, advisors, and other stakeholders in order to collect qualitative data documenting the Fund's origins and implementation process. These interviews formed the basis for the findings presented herein.