CAF Charity Coronavirus Briefing: 3 Months into Lockdown, How Are Charities in the UK Faring?

Jun 01, 2020
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We at Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) have been conducting research amongst charities for years. In these unprecedented times that we find ourselves in due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have increased the frequency we have been surveying charities, conducting a series of short surveys with charities to help inform the sector and beyond since 17th March. These surveys have been sent out by CAF via email to our charity clients (base sizes for each survey shown on the following charts) with surveys completed quickly to obtain a snapshot.

On 23rd March the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a televised address that brought in widespread lockdown measures. Three months on from that, we wanted to bring together all of our charity insight into this single briefing paper. We hope this paper adds to the debate around charities at this time. We will continue to publish our research as we conduct it, and this will be available on our specially created COVID-19 research hub