C&A Brazil, Employee Volunteering Programme (EVP), Independent External Evaluation

Sep 01, 2016
  • Description

The Employee Volunteering Programme (EVP) has been run by Instituto C&A and C&A Brazil since 1991. It engages around 2,500 C&A employees in almost 300 business units, in 120 cities, across 25 of the 26 Brazilian states. The EVP partners with community-based child education organisations to: 'train the volunteer employees of C&A to participate as citizens in the education of children and adolescents, in all communities where the company is present'.

The independent evaluation took place between March and September 2016. It focused on assessing the results of the last programme cycle (2013-2015) to:

enhance the volunteering culture within C&Aimprove volunteer social participationstrengthen access to quality educationdevelop community organisational capacities to improve education