Building Strong Foundations Framework: Advancing Comprehensive Policies for Infants, Toddlers, and Families

Sep 01, 2017
  • Description

The framework outlines the universal needs of infants, toddlers, and families. It also highlights examples of policies that meet those needs. Any vision for infants and toddlers must include a focus on racial equity given the diverse and changing composition of this population. Far too many poor and low-income children and adults are marginalized because of their race, ethnicity, immigration status, or nationality. People of color are disproportionately affected when public programs are inadequately or inequitably funded. For purposes of this framework, policy is not restricted to laws and regulations but includes a broader set of considerations such as implementation, guidance, and funding. Since all of these components are so critical and interconnected, we will be looking across the range of possibilities in this framework and project. We envision these policies to be cross-cutting with the policies overlapping and working together to meet the needs of families.