• Description

Current research confirms that children and families benefit when families are involved in a child's early learning, both inside the classroom and at home. However, getting involved can be a daunting task for many family members, especially those with limited English and experience with U.S. schools.

This two-webinar series focuses on building effective home-school partnerships that support the school success of preschool and kindergarten English learner students.

In this second webinar, our presenters and practitioners review the family engagement framework and share practical activities that families can do to support their child's school readiness.

What You Will Learn

  • The structure of a linguistically rich home environment to support young English learner students' school readiness
  • Specific activities families can use at home to promote school readiness for young English learner students in preschool and kindergarten

Who Will Benefit

  • Early childhood education and kindergarten teachers
  • Administrators working with young English learner students and their families

This webinar series is hosted by the English Learner Alliance at Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West) at WestEd.

Learn about the first webinar in this series, Structuring Meaningful Home-School Partnerships with Families of Young English Learner Students.

Building Capacity for School Success in Families of Young English Learner