Building a Healthier Louisville

Sep 04, 2013
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For more than a decade, the Greater Louisville Project has provided research and data to catalyze civic action. By highlighting progress and challenges in three Deep Drivers of Change -- Education, 21st Century Jobs, and Quality of Place -- the GLP has engaged the community in a shared agenda for long-term progress. With this special report, the focus shifts to an issue at the heart of the community's ability to prosper: the health of its residents and its connection to the city's progress and competitiveness.Health is linked -- directly and indirectly -- to the Deep Drivers of Change: Education, 21st Century Jobs, and Quality of Place. Healthier students achieve greater academic success and educational attainment. A healthier workforce is more productive, has lower healthcare costs, and makes Louisville more attractive for growth of 21st Century Jobs. Healthier residents promote and expect a greater quality of place. Conversely, education and income influence health and longevity. For example, low educational attainment is among the root causes of poor health. Thereby, raising educational attainment will result in healthier residents too.