Building a Better System: The Need for Early Childhood Education in Macomb, Oakland, and Out Wayne Counties

Jan 07, 2016
  • Description

"Building a Better System" is a report about children and access to quality early childhood care and education programs. It identifies the communities where the greatest numbers of young children need better access to providers of early childhood care and education. At the heart of this analysis lies the question, "What communities in the Tri-county region, excluding Detroit, have the greatest need for child care slots?" Key Findings:

  • Macomb, Oakland, and Out Wayne counties, not including Detroit, have approximately 205,666 children from birth to 5 years old, 63 percent of whom need child care (128,742). Of these children, 68 percent have access to a slot in a licensed or registered child care facility (87,686).
  • To provide all children a slot in a licensed center or registered home, the region needs approximately 41,056 additional slots. This is the overall service gap.
  • The large majority, or 62 percent of slots needed (25,323) is concentrated in 13 communities. These highest-need communities exhibit need across all program types including general care, subsidy eligible access, Head Start, Early Head Start, and the Great Start Readiness Program. They are mostly located in Out Wayne County, although two communities of high need are in both Macomb and Oakland counties.