Brooklyn Navy Yard: An Analysis of Its Economic Impact and Opportunities for Replication

Feb 20, 2013
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joThe Brooklyn Navy Yard's (BNY) annual economic output, that is, its "gross domestic product" for New York City, is nearly $2 billion. It is responsible for 10,350 direct and indirect jobs and $390 million in earnings. That economic activity in turn induces another $2 billion in earnings in the local economy and another 15,500 jobs. By 2015, these impacts are expected to increase to $2.35 billion in recurring annual output; over 30,000 direct, indirect, and induced jobs; and $2.37 billion in induced additional earnings. The formidable economic impact the BNY has achieved despite its high-cost environment provides insight into the future of manufacturing in cities in which high costs or other conditions pose simliar challenges. In this report, the Pratt Center team identifies and evaluates the factors that have driven the BNY's success and discusses how these factors might be applied in other cities. We describe the particular cases of Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit to illustrate how city leaders can assess the possiblity of replicating the Yard's key features, identify relevant local assets and opportunities, and consider what resources they would need to similarly catalyze urban manufacturing efforts.