Bridging the Graduation Gap: Stability Is Key for Homeless High School Students

Oct 01, 2016
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High school graduation is a key marker of educational achievement. Adults with a high school diploma are more likely to be employed and earn higher incomes; have better health; stay out of prison; avoid becoming parents as teenagers; and ultimately have greater life satisfaction than those who drop out or get their high school equivalency.

1. In New York City schools, there has been a tremendous increase in the four-year graduation rate, from less than half of students graduating in 2005 to almost three-quarters in 2015.

2. Yet not all students are represented in this positive trend; most notably, many homeless students are left behind. However, newly analyzed data from New York City Department of Education show that when homeless students maintain stability in school, they graduate at similar rates to their housed classmates.

3. This snapshot presents data on housing transitions, school transfers, chronic absenteeism, and the relation of these stability factors to high school graduation.