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The goal of Bricks, Mortar, and Community: The Foundations of Supportive Housing is to identify a set of core components for supportive housing programs serving pregnant and parenting teens and to identify case studies of programs meeting these standards. Articulating core components based on what we know ensures success among pregnant and parenting teens. The identification of the core components provides guidance for supportive housing programs to meet the needs of pregnant and parenting teens by providing the supports and resources needed to help them succeed. To achieve this goal, Healthy Teen Network and Child Trends employed strategic approaches, including: 1) working with a national advisory group consisting of partners in the fields of housing, child welfare, transitional living, and pregnant/parenting teen programs to identify a list of core components; 2) utilizing quantitative and qualitative survey methods to assess current supportive housing programs' implementation of the core components; and 3) developing case studies of supportive housing programs demonstrating strong implementation of the core components.