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There is no shortage of international commentary on Brazil's nuclear policy, especially its advanced nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear submarine program. But remarkably little attention is paid to Brazilian voices on these issues. Brazilians paint a picture of an emerging power seeking nuclear independence and searching for its role in the global order. The aim here is to present these lesser-known Brazilian perspectives as accurately as an outsider can feasibly do. To help fill the void, the author had numerous conversations over two years with Brazilian policy experts, academics, former and current officials, and representatives of the nuclear industry. Unless otherwise noted, this report draws on personal interviews conducted in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Campinas, and Washington, DC, in 2012 -- 2013. Critical analysis and external voices provide counterarguments or highlight notable gaps in perceptions between Brazilian and external viewpoints, but by and large the objective is to relay Brazilian views on the state of its nuclear program.