Boulder County Trends: The Community Foundation's Report on Key Indicators

Sep 02, 2015
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The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County released the 2015-2016 Boulder County TRENDS Report.The Community Foundation compiles the data in TRENDS to inform and focus their efforts to improve the quality of life in Boulder County. The report has also become a widely-used community resource -- TRENDS findings inspire local policy change and inform community leaders and engaged residents in strategic planning for businesses and nonprofits alike. The 2015-2016 TRENDS report also presents data that show that Latino children, and kids who are economically disadvantaged, are falling behind their peers academically; and that low-income families and Latinos are less likely to have health insurance -- even after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Also in the report, a close look at stubborn trends countywide reveals why the American Lung Association gave the county an "F" on air quality. The TRENDS report further decodes a national ranking of how much Boulder County residents give or donate as a percentage of adjusted gross income (among 64 Colorado counties, we rank 44th).