Born to Give: A Human Approach to Catalyzing Philanthropy

Jul 01, 2015
  • Description

In an effort to promote a culture of greater giving, this report shines light on the experience and impact of having wealth and what can be done to support and inspire this next-generation of philanthropic leaders. Given the unique nature of the generation and their experiences, this paper proposes that, instead of focusing on the technicalities of philanthropy, focusing on the relationships and emotional development behind philanthropy is the most effective and beneficial approach to not only to promote generosity, but also the well-being of all involved. Using modern research and relevant perspectives, this report provides an overview of 1) what we know about this next-generation of wealth holders, 2) what we know about the nature of giving, and 3) what we can do to further support this population and cultivate a new wave of philanthropy where all will thrive.