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Human trafficking continues to plague the Balkan region, taking many forms and claiming many victims. Addressing and combating human trafficking has been a priority issue within the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) with a clear focus on the assistance to victims, the protection of their rights and their social inclusion. To this end, the Foundation set up the Trafficking Victims Re/integration Programme which aims to enhance the scope and capacity of re/integration programmes for trafficked persons. From 2007 to 2014, more than 2,000 trafficked persons and their families have been assisted by the TVRP partner organisations in seven countries of the Balkans. This report aims to highlight the main results and impact of the TVRP in the lives of trafficked persons as well as more generally in the field of re/integration in the Balkans. It provides a detailed analysis of the outstanding achievements and outcomes of the TVRP assessment conducted in 2014 through interviews of beneficiaries, partner NGOs, experts and government officials as well as other sources of data.