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P/PV recently launched a multiyear study to understand the role that Boys & Girls Clubs play in the lives of early adolescents. Beyond Safe Havens, a prelude to the larger study, reviews the range of evaluations that have been conducted on Boys & Girls Clubs over the past 20 years. This Executive Summary provides a brief outline of the full Beyond Safe Havens report. Specifically, it identifies the potential benefits of the many discrete programs provided by Clubs and discusses three additional studies that examined the broader club experience. The Summary also outlines the strategies that seem to have contributed to the Clubs successes, as well as any challenges that may have impeded more positive results. The Summary concludes with a brief description of a planned longitudinal evaluation of Club members as they transition to high schoolan evaluation meant to provide documentation of the effect of teens broad Club experiences on a wide range of outcomes.

Beyond Safe Havens: A Synthesis of 20 Years of Research on the Boys & Girls Clubs, Executive Summary