Beyond Financial Aid: How Colleges Can Strengthen the Financial Stability of Low-income Students and Improve Student Outcomes - 2018

Mar 01, 2018
  • Description

This report is a compendium of best practices for assisting low-income students. It highlights work that has been underway for years but has not always been implemented at scale, especially within institutions that enroll significant numbers of low-income students. This toolkit offers leaders five concrete strategies they can use in two ways to increase student success: (1) it can help determine how, and how well, their institutions are serving low-income students; and (2) it can help them devise and implement plans to improve, expand and better coordinate services for greater impact. The report is divided in three sections: (1) Five Strategies to Increase the Success of Low-Income Students; (2) BFA Institutional Self-Assessment Guide; and (3) BFA Implementation Guide. Two appendices are included.