Best Foot Forward: Enhancing the employability of India's adolescent girls

Mar 01, 2017
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One in every ten Indians is an adolescent girl. Consequently, India hosts nearly 20% of the world's population of adolescent girls, and each and every one of them has the potential to contribute to India's future economy. Yet, work participation rates for women remain dismally low. Denying girls the opportunity to finish their schooling and build income-generating skills, keeps them from realizing their economic potential. Dasra's report, Best Foot Forward, explores the barriers to and potential of building adolescent girls' employability. It also profiles the work of scalable and impactful social organizations in this space. During the course of this research, Dasra mapped over 400 organizations in the employability and livelihoods sector in India. Following a comprehensive diligence process that evaluates the program, leadership and organizational strengths of these entities, ten non-profits have been shortlisted and profiled in this report.