Auswirkungen der Einwanderung auf Arbeitsmarkt und Sozialstaat: Neue Erkenntnisse und Schlussfolge-rungen für die Einwanderungspolitik

Jan 01, 2013 | by
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Due to migrants generally being highly qualified, immigration has had either a neutral or positive impact on the labour market in Germany -- but some problem with integration in the workplace (language skills). Migration also helps the welfare state system as migrants are net contributors as a whole (net contribution is estimated at €2000/year/person, which is expected to rise according to migrants being highly qualified). Migration also helps to 'top-up' the labour pool. Reforms are needed to properly realise these potential gains though -- migration is not continuous, but tends to be driven by outside political events. This also applies to migrants from outside of the EU. Legal barriers should be diminished and migrants should be actively recruited.