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The National Insurance Task Force (NITF) has conducted three, two-day classes of its Certified Insurance Counselor Training Program at Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation Training Institutes. These were held August 30-31, 1999; October 16-17, 2000; and October 15-16, 2001. There were 25 participants in each class, yielding a total of 75 certified insurance counselors. These counselors returned to their local nonprofit organizations equipped with a training manual, a PowerPoint presentation, and a new understanding of the insurance industry and of clients' insurance needs. In early 2002, the NITF education subcommittee decided to commission an analysis that would examine and summarize the impact of its education efforts on community development organizations and the residents they serve. Toward that end, NITF staff and consultants conducted surveys and/or interviews of:

  • 15 randomly selected community development practitioners who completed the training; and
  • 37 residents who participated in the NITF Home Safety programs. These survey were given during focus-group sessions in St. Louis (Missouri), Staten Island (New York) and Richmond (Virginia).
Copies of these survey forms are contained in this report. Both the surveys and in-depth interviews with five practitioners assessed the following:
  • The quality of the Certified Insurance Counselor Training Program (CICTP);
  • The value of insurance education;
  • Perceptions of the insurance industry by residents both before and after they received insurance education;
  • The impact of insurance-education programs on individuals and on communities;
  • Information on the kinds of insurance residents wished to know more about; and
  • Any other insights that might prove valuable to NITF in considering the overall effectiveness of its insurance education programs.