• Description

Two years into an aggressive expansion plan, Aspire Public Schools was on track in terms of school openings but behind on its goals to add a layer of management. The schools were performing well, but the nonprofit's leaders were stretched paper thin and concerned about the organization's ability to perform in the face of more growth.

  • Determined to build an organization that could support their expansion plans, the Aspire team took swift action. Their initiatives included:
  • Articulating criteria for "healthy growth" that they would use to assess expansion opportunities, thereby incorporating organizational sustainability into any future decisions about growth;
  • Addressing a profound anxiety about hiring "outsiders" and delegating responsibilities to an increasingly larger team;
  • Defining the boundaries of accountability for each of the organization's leadership positions;
  • Clarifying decision-making authority at a broad level, and making explicit the roles and responsibilities associated with specific and potentially contentious decisions.