Arts Smarts at Caslan School: A Longitudinal Case Study

Jan 15, 2007 | by
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This study examines the impact of ArtsSmarts over a three year period at Caslan School, a small K-9 school 200 kilometres northeast of Edmonton attended by 130 students from the Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement. With a history of poor achievement, attendance, behaviour, parental involvement and high staff turn-over, the school applied to ArtsSmarts for support. In all, 70 collaborative projects were undertaken, involving all grades and many curricular areas, with the highest number being related to science or social studies. The school became a showplace of Métis art and culture, students had hands-on exposure to multiple art forms, and their displays and performances generated new pride and engagement on the part of students and parents. With respect to Caslan's five objectives for the introduction of ArtsSmarts, the findings were mixed.