Annual Report 2019 2020

Dec 28, 2020
  • Description

Through its work and advocacy, the Foundation has, over the years, emerged as a trusted and committed partner of choice for the nation's development, reputed for its ability to deliver impact efficiently and effectively. The Foundation has grown to manage over 20 projects in the area of health, education and youth empowerment, since its inception in 2001.

To expand on this past experience and maximise its impact, Imbuto Foundation continues to direct its interventions within the framework of its Strategic Operation Plan 2018–2024. The Foundation has transitioned to developing the capacity of implementing partners and to fostering greater collaboration in the ecosystem within which it operates.

More specifically, the Foundation is:

  • Supporting and implementing targeted, people and community-centred projects.
  • Increasing emphasis on generating and documenting lessons learnt from its experience in implementing projects.
  • Facilitating and catalysing effective collaboration to strengthen ecosystems in its areas of intervention.