Annual Report 2008 Consolidating the Gains of African Women

Jan 01, 2009
  • Description

The vision of the AWDF is for African women to live in a world in which there is social justice, equality and respect for women's human rights. To this end, our mission is to mobilise financial resources to support local, national and international initiatives led by women, which will lead to the achievement of this vision. The Fund was set up by three African women who have been active in various institutions within and outside Africa, and who have a track record of successful empowerment interventions, which have helped strengthen the African women's movement. AWDF's objectives are to raise money and make grants for the support of non-profit-making African women's organisations that are working for social justice, equality and peace. AWDF therefore has four key roles:

  1. Fundraising within and outside Africa
  2. Grant-making on an Africa-wide basis
  3. Communication, focusing on the work and achievements of African women's organisations.
  4. Providing technical assistance to strengthen grantee organisations.