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This analysis informs AFE Foundations of the main findings of the technical report presented on the 2nd of March 2016 by the National Administrative Statistics Department (DANE), 'Monetary and Multidimentional Poverty in Colombia 2015'. The data from this report has a relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the work that each AFE Foundation is doing at national or regional level.

This technical report shows the advancement of improvements in Colombian society regarding general and extreme povery and multidimentional poverty. The focus of sections of this report divides in national, rural and urban-heads and metropolitan, and a division by Colombian regions. The report shows a comparison with the data from the year 2014 and presents progress since the year 2010. The structure of this analysis is as follows: first the definitions of concepts of poverty, extreme poverty and multidimensional poverty, secondly, a review of the concept of SDG 1 that refers to 'End poverty in all its forms everywhere', however, as the General Assembly of the United Nations mentions: 'The Goals and objectives have an integrated and indivisible nature and conjure the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental'. Thus, working on one SDG means working on all of them, and that progress in one means progressing on them all. It is important to understand how other SDGs influence poverty, therefore, this is included in this analysis. We then analyse the results using the index of monetary and multidimensional poverty, being analyzed by area: rural, urban, and national or by region according to the definitions of DANE. Finally, we give recommendations to Foundations.