Analysis of Crashes in the Delaware Valley, 2010 - 2012

Dec 01, 2014
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Understanding crashes on the roads in the Delaware Valley is an important step in increasing safety. This publication analyzes information about crashes and the eight key safety emphasis areas for the region developed in conjunction with the 2014 update of the Transportation Safety Action Plan (DVRPC Publication #15022). Analysis includes numbers and rates of crashes, as well as information about injuries and fatalities, and where and how the crashes occurred to better understand why. Analysis of national and state emphasis areas, coordinated with the Pennsylvania and New Jersey departments of transportation, resulted in focusing on eight emphasis areas for the Delaware Valley. These eight emphasis areas were contributing factors for over 97 percent of crash fatalities. Information is also provided regarding for which counties these emphasis areas might most efficiently be addressed in order to improve safety. The forthcoming Transportation Safety Action Plan will include recommendations for strategies to use for each emphasis area.