Análysis de la contribución económica y social de las fundaciones espanolas

Feb 01, 2023
  • Description

Taking as a starting point the valuable information gathered in the report "The Foundation Sector in Spain: Fundamental Attributes (2008-2019)", this study attempts to expand the perimeter of the data available for analysis; a task that has identified areas of improvement in the work of collecting and structuring information, and for which the foundations themselves are responsible, as well as the different protectorates that exercise the task of monitoring and registering foundations.

This work studies the identification and dimension of the perimeter and census of foundations in Spain, its characterization by areas of activity (taxonomy), the territory in which they operate and their economic dimension in terms of endowment, patrimony, income and expenses, but above all their economic and social contribution in Spain. In summary, it attempts to answer the following question: What would happen if Spanish foundations did not exist? What if they disappeared?