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Victoria's drinking culture is informed by attitudes and beliefs held about alcohol, intoxication and associated behaviours. Public health organisations are increasingly trying to find ways of reducing risky drinking behaviour, especially among young people. The internet and social media are progressively being recognised as platforms for mobilising social change. Hello Sunday Morning (HSM)is an online program that encourages the adoption of a healthier drinking culture. HSM is a blogging website that supports people to stay sober for a self-determined period of time. Those who sign up instantly have a platform and network to discuss their transition to abstinence, creating an environment that enables people to change their drinking behaviourand attitudes associated with alcohol. Despite HSM seeing rapid growth in its uptake, little research has been undertaken to investigate the impact of HSM in altering drinking behavioursand attitudes.The aim ofthis project is to therefore analysehow participation in HSM impacts drinking behaviour among Victorians and to explore the motivations, barriers and enablers experienced by Victorian HSM Usersduring their engagement with the program.

An Analysis of Victorian Hello Sunday Morning Blog Content