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The Amtrak OIG office engaged the National Academy to conduct an organizational assessment that examines the current operations of the OIG office. The organizational assessment identified core organizational strengths and weaknesses, and recommended specific, prioritized actions to improve OIG processes, policies and management practices that will help the office achieve the goals outlined in its five-year strategic plan. Key Findings The observations and recommendations within this report that resulted from key stakeholder interviews, a staff survey and OIG benchmarking research address eight areas of importance to the Amtrak OIG. The report defines the desired future state, summarizes Amtrak OIG's strengths and weaknesses related to the future state, and recommends immediate "quick win" next steps as well as longer-term recommendations. Progress in these areas will significantly contribute to operational improvement. The eight areas address: - Internal Communication - External Communication - Work Planning and Prioritization - Quality and Timely Work Processes - Independence - Policy Management and Updates - Human Capital Management - Performance Measures For each of these eight future states, the Panel identified both "quick win" opportunities as well as longer-term recommendations that the OIG should implement.