• Description

Roosevelt Boulevard is a complex corridor with many needs. The purpose of this project was to take a fresh look at transit needs specifically and develop improvement strategies that could be achieved at grade within the existing cross section of the roadway, at comparatively lower cost and in a shorter timeframe than the subway/elevated line that has historically been the focus of transit planning efforts and remains a long-term ambition. The public has expressed an ongoing interest in improved public transit service on Roosevelt Boulevard, through such feedback efforts as the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission's (DVRPC) Dots & Dashes exercise to develop the 2008Long-Range Vision for Transit, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission's 2035 Comprehensive Plan, and DVRPC Choices & Voices feedback for the Connections 2040long-range plan. This project was a response to that feedback, and to a sense that the corridor has been long on plans but short on progress—owing to solutions that have resided in perpetual long range for financial reasons.

Alternatives Development for Roosevelt Boulevard Transit Enhancements