All in For Her: A Call to Action

Sep 17, 2014
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The case for greater gender equality is a matter of common sense: providing half of the world's population with the rights, freedoms and opportunities afforded to the other half is the right thing to do. Conversely, when half the world's population is held back - when women's rights, safety, health, education, political participation and economic prospects are limited - the entire world is held back. This guide is a call to action for philanthropists. We hope that you will use and share these resources to develop and deepen your own philanthropy, and help transform the future for women, girls, men and boys. Become an #ALLINFORHERphilanthropist and realize your own potential. ALL IN FOR HER is a transformative approach to philanthropy, not only for the grantees but for the grantors as well. We are not all expert philanthropists. The first step is to realize the extent of your resources and your potential to change the world. We are inviting you to join a community and a movement, and to embrace the power and influence that it entails.