• Description

The All-ages Movement Project (AMP) is aiming to find and better understand youth-run cultural organizations focused on music in the United States. For four months, AMP has been exploring these organizations' social and political significance and the idea of enhancing their impact through a national network. AMP has designed a database that now houses the names of over 300 organizations that embody a combination of the following things:

  • youth empowerment component
  • popular music focus
  • participatory structure
  • produce music related cultural products
The names in AMP's database are turning into profiles and starting to tell a story about how this youthful and eclectic army of organizations is making change in the US in three areas of interest: meaningful cultural products, political impact, and alternative leadership opportunities. AMP looked at metrics in each of these areas to decipher if in fact this group of organizations is playing a role in creating the next generation of leaders through providing the environment and experiences that promote a culture of social change.