Alabama Faith Council Statement on Voluntary Pre-K For All Four-Year-Olds

May 09, 2008
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There is ample evidence that high-quality early learning programs are critical for children to be successful in school an din life. Research shows that 85% of brain development takes place prior to a child turning five (5) years old. However, many children do not have access to the high-quality early learning experiences that their more affluent peers have; forcing these children to begin school far behind their peers. Because the achievement gap starts before children enter school and only grows wider during formal school training, we must make high-quality pre-K available for all four-year-olds whose parents want it to provide all Alabama children an equal opportunity to succeed in school and life. Such programs give children entering school a more "level playing field". Making high quality voluntary pre-K available to all four-year-olds is a justice issue.