Alabama Faith Council Statement on Immigration Reform

May 09, 2008
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There is ample evidence that the United States immigration system needs to be reformed. The presence of millions of undocumented immigrants; the exploitation of immigrant workers; divided families; deaths in the desert southwest and on the open seas; people obtaining fraudulent government documents; criminal smugglers and human trafficking; and public frustration are all an indication that the system we have in place does not best serve our economy, our national security, and our local communities. The system we have now also does not reflect our religious traditions and the tradition of hospitality which has defined the United States of America. Any reform of our immigration system must be implemented in a way that is fair, just, and respectful of the dignity and worth of all human beings, balancing the needs and well-being of native born Americans, legal immigrants, and those who are working here but are in our country illegally. Any reform of our immigration system must also address the root causes of the migration of human beings.