Air and Water Quality under Pressure in Africa

May 19, 2016
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The African continent has large untapped environmental resources: together with Latin America and the Caribbean, the continent has the largest reserve of agricultural land, accounting for 80 per cent of the global total. Africa is home to important biodiversity assets and ecosystems, including the Congo Basin rainforest – the second largest tropical rainforest in the world. However, the continent's natural capital is under pressure from urbanization and industrialization as well as from a growing population. This has resulted in the degradation of air, land and water quality.Poverty and lack of investment has accelerated this deterioration in many regions, preventing people from utilizing the continent's natural resources in a sustainable manner. Sustainable management of natural capital is key to ensuring continued economic development of the continent. The GEO-6 presents the state of play for air, water and land in Africa and looks at how these resources can be tackled.