• Description

This report is from and for civil society, based on the voices and views of many CIVICUS members, civil society activists, leaders, experts and other stakeholders, as well as collaborative research and media coverage of anti-rights. All conclusions and recommendations drawn are however the views of the CIVICUS secretariat only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the individual contributors.

The report mainly focus on what are the anti-rights groups and what do they do (why do they matter and why are they rising more and more, how are they distinct from Civil Society, what are the key tactics and strategies of these anti-rights groups), and how the Civil society can fight back, with key tactics and strategies of their own, to defend universal human right, excluded groups - such as women, LGBTQI people, migrants, refugees and minorities - and social justice.

This report also exists in French (https://www.civicus.org/index.php/fr/action-contre-la-vague-anti-droits) and in Spanish (https://www.civicus.org/index.php/es/accion-contra-la-ola-antiderechos)