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The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation's After-School Programs Initiative is designed to increase the access of low-income children to high-quality after-school programs in California and to support the successful statewide implementation of Proposition 49, the After-School Education and Safety Program (ASESP) approved by voters in November 2002. This report is designed to assist other foundations that might be interested in supporting after-school programming in California. The report describes the need for after-school programs (especially those serving low-income communities), the impact of after-school programs on children, California's unique opportunity to provide after-school programs to every elementary and middle school student, and a variety of funding strategies that foundations can use to support the successful implementation of the ASESP. While our focus is on California, the movement to increase after-school programs using proven youth development strategies is nationwide, and national organizations are provided in the Resources section of this document.