Advancing Traceability in the Seafood Industry: Addressing Challenges and Opportunities

Feb 01, 2018
  • Description

This white paper aims to serve as a tool to help conservation NGOs, traceability experts, and industry join forces to improve seafood traceability. It also seeks to provide businesses with background information on traceability in seafood, as well as resources businesses can utilize to plan and implement traceability and anti-IUU fishing protocols within their supply chains. This paper summarizes the seafood traceability landscape, including current challenges, a discussion of international and regional governance, and steps that seafood businesses can take to improve the traceability of seafood within their supply chains. It concludes with information about some of the key conservation organizations, for-profit companies, certifications, and other players currently working to support the adoption of end-to-end, electronic, interoperable traceability in the North American market.